SARTELL -- The Sartell-St. Stephen school district has sent a message out to all district families about concerns over TikTok challenges.

They've partnered with Sartell Police and the Stearns County Sheriff asking parents to talk with their kids about their behavior during, and outside of, school hours specifically referencing TikTok/social media, physical challenges and 'fight clubs'.

They've been made aware that students are creating 'fight clubs' and engaging in fights outside school hours and off grounds.

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A recent challenge in October is the 'smack a staff member challenge'. They say any student who does this will face criminal charges including, but not limited to, Disorderly Conduct, Assault and/or Criminal Sexual Conduct. These cases will be investigated and fully prosecuted as this conduct is inappropriate and illegal.

If your child uses social media, please talk with them about these disturbing “challenges“ and trends; these “challenges“ are criminal behavior and not an innocent prank. If your child does not have social media, they may likely hear about these trends so it is important that in this situation you also work with your child to understand what is happening.

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