SARTELL -- Sartell police are warning you to not move the barricades surrounding the Pinecone Road project.

Police have received information about drivers moving the barricades on Pinecone from the 2nd Street South intersection or driving around them during the morning commute.

Police say contractors and inspectors working on the roadway are the only ones that should be inside the barricaded areas.

You are reminded to follow the detour routes during construction. Penalties for removing a barricade or driving around them will result in a $125.00 ticket.

Crew are constructing a new roundabout which will close the intersection to traffic until July 31st.

This is the first phase of the project.

Future phases in 2016 and 2017 include reconstructing Pinecone Road farther to the north and also south of Second Street to include roundabouts at Heritage Drive and Scout Drive.

Pine Cone Road Detour Map
A new roundabout's being built at the intersection of Pinecone Road and 2nd Street South in Sartell. But its construction will affect traffic. Click the picture to see an area map of the detour. (WSB & Associates Inc. via City of Sartell)