COLD SPRING - Voters in the ROCORI school district may be asked to go to the polls for a special vote in November. The school board is considering asking for approval of a referendum for technology upgrades.

Superintendent Scott Staska says no final decisions have been made yet, but they're leaning towards a levy for $250,000 a year for between five and 10 years.

To keep moving forward, we had to really land on a dollar amount.  What would be the most beneficial to the technology program?

Staska says, because they've refinanced their three existing levies, the tax impact on property owners would be minimal.

And those have been bringing our taxes down for local residents.  Ultimately, those changes all take place by the 2018-2019 year and this would go into effect at the same time.

Staska says the school board is expected to finalize the question at their next meeting on August 14th. The technology referendum would then be voted on by district residents during the general election date in November.

If it passes, it would go into effect next year.

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