RICHMOND -- A Richmond man has been growing a giant pumpkin in attempts to break the state and world record.

Scott Steil has been growing large pumpkins for about four years and looks to break a record this weekend.

"You need to start with good seed to get a good pumpkin and each year I've been able to grow a person best," says Steil.

However pumpkins are not the only large item in his garden.

"I have a big squash, watermelon, and I'm hoping to set a world record for a field pumpkin but no matter what I like to grow them big," says Steil.

The pumpkin grew an average of about 44 pounds per day during a 15 day period. And this weekend Steil and the pumpkin will be heading to the Superbowl of pumpkin weigh-ins at the Stillwater Harvest Fest.

"Stillwater is the big contest for our area, I think you will see a world record broke there," says Steil. "There is going to be some giant pumpkins down there that the mid-west has never seen before."

Steil says the pumpkin has been like a Rockstar in the city, but is questionable on his chances of breaking the record.

"If this breaks the record I'll be the happiest guy in Minnesota if it doesn't I'll probably be the most disappointed," says Steil. "But in the end it's still the fact that I grew it and got it to weigh-off."

First place for the biggest pumpkin at the Stillwater Harvest Fest will receive $5,000.

The current pumpkin world record is at 2,009 pound set back in 2012 in Rhode Island.


Scott Steil poses with his potential record breaking pumpkin. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)