ST. CLOUD -- With the holiday shopping season at and end the bills are starting to make their way into your mailboxes.

For those of you who don't like what you see in the expense column saving money this year may be your new years resolution.

Lutheran Social Services Financial Counseling Director Becky Pakarinen says the easiest to talk about but hardest to do is putting money in savings.

Pakarinen says if your worried about paying off your holiday bills, a good idea would be to set up a debt management plan.

Mapping out expenditures for the month will also help you keep track of your finances.

Pakarinen says if you do get into debt avoid television commercials that says they can relieve debt fast. She says those are more than likely scams.

Lutheran Social Services has locations in the Twin Cities and Brainerd. If you would like more information on ways to save money you can call them at 1-888-577-2227.

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