COLD SPRING -- Representative Lisa Demuth of Cold Spring is joining a growing list of Republicans encouraging the Governor to start letting businesses open up again.

On Tuesday Demuth voted in favor of a resolution to end the Governor's Peacetime Emergency Order, but that was defeated.

She says she's asking the Governor to find a safe way to slowly start opening up the economy.

And I am hearing that overwhelmingly from my constituents, from business owners and those that are working for companies that are not open right now.  Overwhelmingly they said we can do this safely.

Demuth says last week she reached out to the DEED and the Governor's office to help get landscapers and greenhouses back open.

I just said, "Could we consider this?" And when that came through I was really encouraged by that as were my businesses because they said, "we can put in social distancing measures".

Demuth says she's hopeful the Governor will allow golf courses to open soon.

Friday on the House floor they are voting whether to allow restaurants to sell beer and wine with to-go orders, which she says she will vote in favor of.

Governor Tim Walz's Stay At Home order runs until May 4th. Thursday he joined six other Governors from Midwestern states committed to working together to reopen the economy.

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