ST. JOSEPH-- A group of flying enthusiasts gathered inside the field house at the College of St. Benedict this weekend.

The Northstar Fliers hosted their second Indoor Fly event of the season on Sunday morning. The event gives local clubs a chance to come together and fly their planes, helicopters, and quad-copters despite the winter weather.

The club's Social Media Manager Anthony Laabs has been flying since 2003. He says it was his dad who helped him get into the hobby.

My dad was always into model railroading, so we were always in the local hobby shop, and I always saw the airplanes. I always did the plastic models where you glue them together and they don't fly. My dad bought me my first [electric] one on clearance at Wal-Mart, just a little two-motor. It flew just as far as you could throw it.

The Northstar Fliers are based out of Holdingford, but anyone who wants to participate is welcome. Laabs says joining is simple.

You need two things to fly inside here: the Academy of Model Aeronautics membership, which basically covers the insurance side and it just allows you to fly at any of the club events. If you're flying at a club, you're gonna need AMA. And then we have an indoor membership for our club that's $15 and then it's $5 a time.

The indoor flying events will be held at St. Ben’s periodically from now through April.

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