ST. CLOUD -- Minnesota law enforcement officers are getting a unique opportunity this week to test the newest in police vehicle technology.

The Minnesota Highway Safety & Research Center is hosting the first Minnesota Ride and Drive event where police officers can do a side-by-side comparison of the completely new and re-designed 2012 fleet of vehicles.

The big three manufacturers of Chevy, Ford and Dodge are on hand to tout their newest models.  Participants actually get behind-the-wheel of these cars to test their speed, handling, braking and overall performance.

When Ford discontinued the Crown Victoria, it opened the door for other manufacturers to steal market share.

This two-day event in St. Cloud, gives those buying the vehicles a chance to test them in the field, learn the latest in technology and see which manufacturer best serves a police officers needs in a cruiser.

One thing is certain, as the Crown Victoria is retired from the road officers will be driving the safest, most powerful and most fuel-efficient vehicles ever designed.