Sunday evening will be one of the biggest party nights of the year. If you're having even 1 drink, setup a ride. Here's all the ride options available to you on New Year's Eve.

There's never been more ride options available to the St. Cloud area than there is now, so why not take advantage of it? It's not all that expensive, and certainly much cheaper than the price of a DUI, or worse, killing somebody on the road.

If you haven't guessed, law enforcement will be everywhere on Sunday evening, and well into the early morning hours. Their #1 priority is the safety of us, and that will mean getting drunk drivers off area roads.

Here's a list of your ride options available throughout the evening and overnight hours on New Year's Eve/Day:

Yellow or Orange Cab - (320) 251-5050
They will be fully staffed, and you can save some money by grabbing a Value Connection certificate before Saturday. Click here to see the deal.

St. Cloud Taxi Service - (320) 281-4871
Elite Taxi Service - (320) 240-2999
Granite City Cab - (320) 203-9999
Red & White Cab - (320) 253-1234

Uber and Lyft are also in the St. Cloud area. Keep in mind these are phone app services. You'll want to have the app installed and setup an account before rushing last minute to try to use them.

If you plan on going out to one of our local area bars and clubs, check to see if they have a cab service setup for their customers. Many of them have a phone number posted near the entrance to call for a ride home.

Whatever option you choose use for a ride home, call them early as this will be one of their busiest nights of the year. Trying to get a ride last minute could have you waiting for an hour or more before they can get to you.

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