If there is one thing that we have learned in recent times, is how we can bring joy and happiness to others in times of need; it times of high anxiety and stress; in times where people may have to stay home due to COVID and may have less income, and more time with family.  How we interact with our family, our children, and others in our household has changed.

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The fun things that we are used to doing face to face has changed, as well as our financial ability to enjoy activities like we used to.

My heart was filled with warmth when I talked with Tanya Gertz, Executive Director of CSB SJU recently, to hear that they are offering some amazing virtual programs, workshops and performances that will enlighten your family, and bring the arts into your home.


All of their programs have been reduced to a $20 ticket price across the board. On top of that, they have rolled out their "Pay As You Can" program; meaning, if there are any classes, workshops or performances that you would like to enjoy from their fine art series, you can get a ticket (only one is needed per household) for whatever you can afford. What that means is, if you can't afford $20, maybe you can afford $5? Maybe you can afford $10? Maybe you are not in a position where you can pay anything right now...that's okay too.  The main thing is..that YOU and YOUR family enjoy these programs...Enjoy the work of talented Artists.

Thank you to CSB SJU for sharing your kindness with others; and I'm hoping that you will take advantage of the opportunity to explore new things, listen to new music, and check out all the fantastic programs and workshops that are happening right now virtually that you can take part in.

To view and register for any of the programs that are offered, either online or on campus at the theatre, click HERE now.


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