ST. CLOUD -- As the city of St. Cloud prepares for the upcoming road construction season, they must also prepare in case that season is interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Two major projects could potentially be delayed or even postponed if the economic shutdown continues into the summer.

Mayor Dave Kleis says the 33rd Street South project and the 25th Avenue North project are their two big road construction pieces this year. The mayor says they continue to plan as if those projects will be done this summer, but he says they won't award bids if they aren't confident they can navigate the city's debt service.

In the meantime, city officials will continue to operate as if the projects are moving forward, but will be monitoring the city's debt service and revenue streams closely in the coming weeks.

Kleis says they're hoping a second federal stimulus package could give cities and counties a boost where sales tax revenues have lagged.

He says they still are out patching potholes, performing seal coating and doing other smaller and less expensive work.

Kleis is hoping that by mid-May they'll have a clearer financial picture and how the coronavirus will impact those projects.

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