ST. CLOUD -- Court adjourned on the first day of the Brian Fitch murder trial at the Stearns County Courthouse.

The jury listened to 10 witness statements that included people from the scene, officers and a Ramsey County Medical Examiner.

Witnesses testified on the day Officer Scott Patrick was shot (back on July 30th 2014) several gun shots were heard before a white man sped off in a green grand am.

However, Defense attorney Laurie Traub tried to discredit the prosecution's witnesses as several of them mentioned seeing a white man, in his early 20's with sandy blonde hair, which does not describe Fitch.

Later in the afternoon the prosecution showed two videos from Officer Patrick's squad car.

In the first video you could hear the audio from the incident where three gun shots were fired. The second video showed the shots being fired before the car drove away. The suspect who fired the gun could not be identified in the video.

Family members of officer Patrick were in attendance and saw the video for the first time today. Several were in tears and others were saying "it was hard to watch."

Dr. Victor Froloff, who performed the autopsy, confirmed that Officer Patrick had three gun shot wounds --one each to his leg, torso and head -- which officers testified to earlier.

Froloff says the shots to the torso and head alone would have been fatal.

Prosecutors laid out the events of July 30th, 2014, saying video evidence from the squad car, spent shell casings and a 9mm black handgun found in the vehicle Fitch was driving all link him to officer Patrick's murder.

However, the defense opened by telling jurors the timeline of Fitch's whereabouts that day don't fit, that eyewitness accounts were inaccurate -- including the fact Fitch was not picked out of a police lineup -- and that forensic science on firearms can be unreliable.

Defense attorney Laurie Traub told jurors Fitch didn't kill officer Patrick despite investigators and prosecutors saying he did.

The trial will continue 8:30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) morning.