ST. CLOUD -- Several agencies worked in concert with each other for nearly nine hours Thursday to find a peaceful resolution to the hostage standoff at the Wells Fargo Bank in St. Cloud.

I don't mean in any way to diminish the gravity, but sitting in the command post was literally like watching a symphony.  This is what collaborative efforts and relationship building are all about.

St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson credited the FBI for their quick response. It was actually the suspect 35-year-old Ray Reco McNeary the requested the FBI negotiators be brought in.

During a late-night news conference, Mayor Dave Kleis acknowledge all the agencies involved in the nearly nine-hour ordeal.

I can't say enough about the dedication of the public safety folks who were here and quickly and how well the collaboration and coordination went throughout the entire day.

Besides St. Cloud police and the FBI, the Minnesota State Patrol and several other local police departments were on scene throughout the standoff. FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Paul says it was a very coordinated effort.

Whether it was negotiation, whether it was the tactical teams, whether it was those who were helping in support functions, there was a very collaborative effort to ensure public safety and the safety of all those involved in the incident.

Moving forward, Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall says the local and federal partnership will continue with this case.

The partnerships that we have with federal authorities here in St. Cloud are of great value to us.  It is a great day when I can call and they answer the phone and we already know each other and we've already worked together a prior investigations.

Kendall says she is working with the U.S. Attorney's Office to determine which jurisdiction will get the most effective sentence in the case. He is expected to be officially charged Friday.

All five bank employees who were held hostage were able to get out safely.

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