UNDATED -- Monday will be a big day at the State Capitol.  The latest budget forecast will be released.  The last budget forecast released in November projected a $6.2 billion deficit in the next two-year budget cycle, which starts on July 1st.  However, that same forecast had our current budget running at a surplus.

State Representative Tim O'Driscoll of Sartell says, since November, the state's revenue continue to be higher that projected.

O'Driscoll says any current surpluses can be rolled over into the next budget, to help reduce the deficit.  Both O'Driscoll and Representative Larry Hosch of St. Joseph are hopeful the new budget forecast will be lower than the current $6.2 billion.

Hosch says the House has a March 26th deadline for their budget bill to get passed through their committees.

Also, Minnesota school districts will be able to pool their resources to buy group health insurance under a bill being introduced by  Representative Hosch.

Hosch says he plans to introduce that bill in the State House on Monday.