St. Cloud has no watering restrictions despite the recent lack of rain which has forced some cities in the St. Cloud area into watering restrictions.  St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON today.  He says because St. Cloud gets their water from the Mississippi River they have enough water reserves.  Kleis says he doesn't anticipate needing to move to any watering restrictions even if this drought continues.  He says they have never needed to during his time as Mayor and he doesn't expect that to change.  Kleis says the amount of water use has increased dramatically in St. Cloud over the past couple of weeks.



St. Cloud hasn't opened their wading pools this summer and Kleis says they won't this summer.  He says Governor Walz changing Covid-19 restrictions in May didn't allow them enough time to make the necessary plans to open the wading pools and to hiring the life guards needed to supervise the swimmers.  Kleis says normally they start the process of hiring staff to work at the wading pools in March but were unable to this year.  He expects the wading pools to reopen next summer.

Mayor Kleis and St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson will be hosting a police safety summit Tuesday June 15th at the St. Cloud Police Department.  Kleis says he supports the St. Cloud Police Department and says morale is high within in the department.  He praises Anderson and the leadership within the department along with their community outreach efforts.

Mayor Dave Kleis joins me for radio town hall meetings every other Friday from 8:10-8:50.  He takes phone calls during this programs.

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