ST. CLOUD -- Look up mind over matter on google, and you'll find an 8-word definition, however, they may want to replace it with a photo of 91-year-old Irene Pundsack.

Pundsack took on her 10th Earth Day 5K walk this year. A feat she's accomplished after breaking both hips, and her back. The organizers do accommodate her with a half-hour head start because she "doesn't want anyone waiting on her".

Irene says she doesn't cheat herself out of anything when it comes to her training regimen, which her son Eugene Pundsack helps her with.

"We walk up to the hospital, and we usually try and get at least three miles in."

Irene adds, to help propel her through the 5K, she keeps both spiritual and physical help close.

"Well, I pray and think about a lot of things. I know my kids are going to be there for me, and they'll help me."

Finally, she says, if you're on the fence about the race yourself, just do it.

"Well, everybody should be able to do this if they really want to."

CentraCare Wellness Director Jodi Gertken says they have a record number of people signed-up for each one of the runs.

Over 4,000 runners are expected to take part in the races this weekend.

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