SARTELL (WJON News) -- The new leader of the Sartell Police Department is back home in central Minnesota.

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Brandon Silgjord graduated from Little Falls High School before he went on to law enforcement jobs in Pequot Lakes, Morrison County, and most recently St. Louis County.

Silgjord says after 14 years in the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, he wanted to be closer to family. One of his priorities for the department is making sure his officers feel supported and listened to. But, he also wants to move the agency forward by having the latest equipment for his officers...

For me personally though, leveraging technology is going to be a big piece of where we head in the future and making sure that the officers have the tools they need. There's so much (technology) out there that they become force multipliers that I'll really try to push for.

Silgjord says his department is now fully staffed and he's looking forward to learning more about the Sartell community and other law enforcement partners in the St. Cloud metro area.


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