ST. CLOUD -- It's all hands on deck as bus companies across the state prepare to shuttle students to and from school next month.

However the pandemic has only intensified the growing need for school bus drivers across the state.

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Bethany Schubert is the Vice President of Trobec's Bus Service. She says instead of seeing the bus driver shortage bounce back like they'd hoped, it has actually gotten worse.

We've had to bring on extra forces and additional staff just to work on the driver recruiting side of things because it has been so difficult.

She says if they don't have enough driver's, transportation for activity trips or sports are in jeopardy.

Schubert says despite their efforts, it's been a scramble to not only get applications, but to get people come in for an interview.

The reality is right now, we get one driver for every 20 to 25 applications.

Schubert preaches patience to parents as drivers learn their routes the few weeks of school.

Schubert says while there are still many challenges ahead, she's proud of the resiliency her team has demonstrated over the last year-and-a-half.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a school bus driver for Trobec's can text the word "drivers" to 313131 to apply.


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