I'm not sure just who thinks it's okay to try bring a loaded handgun onto a plane. I understand sometimes things are packed in haste but overlooking the packing of a loaded handgun into one's carry-on just seems pretty stupid.

Last Tuesday, a TSA officer at MSP confiscated not one but two loaded handguns the same day, according to fox9.com. The first loaded handgun was spotted going through the checkpoint X-ray machine at 4:45 on Tuesday morning. Another loaded handgun was spotted later coming through the same checkpoint lane later Tuesday.

It's only February and already 9 guns have been found and confiscated by the TSA so far this year at MSP.  Last year a total of 58 guns were confiscated at MSP.

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"Bringing a firearm to the checkpoint is an expensive, dangerous mistake that far too many people are making," Minnesota TSA Federal Security Director Marty Robinson said. "Our TSA officers are doing a fantastic job preventing weapons from making their way onboard aircraft, but the responsibility falls to passengers to pack smart and keep prohibited items out of their baggage."

Nationwide last year the TSA found a whopping 6542 at checkpoints across the country. A large percentage of TSA confiscated handguns were loaded

There, of course, is a way to travel with handguns. travelers can pack their handguns in their checked baggage but the TSA has rules on just how to do that;

  • Guns cannot be loaded
  • Must be packed separately from ammunition
  • Must be packed in a locked hard case
  • You must declare the gun when you check in at the ticket counter.

For complete MSP rules click here.

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