ST. CLOUD -- Members of the transportation industry, local and state governments, gathered at St. Cloud City Hall to hear about the new campaign to improve our roads, buses, and railways.

Move Minnesota is a coalition made up of over 80 organizations that are committed to addressing the states transportation needs.

Margaret Donahoe is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Transportation Alliance and member of Move MN. She says the goal of the campaign is to provide more funding for transportation.

Donahoe, and other Move MN members, discussed ways to improve roads, deficient bridges and expand the transit system.

One option they're looking at is to change the gas tax.

Move MN has been traveling across the state. Donahoe says they plan to take their campaign to the capital starting in February.

Donahoe local businesses, local and state governments have been supportive of their campaign.

To learn more about the Move MN campaign visit their website,