How's this for a full circle moment.

The Minnesota State Patrol pulled over a woman going 110 mph in a 60 mph zone. Her excuse for the fast pace? She was late for a court appearance dealing with a previous speeding incident.

The incident happened near Thief River Falls and was detailed in a Tweet by the Minnesota State Patrol:

Don’t do this. Please. Trooper stopped a motorist near Thief River Falls for going 110 in a 60 mph zone. Female said she was late for court. Wait for it … her court appearance was for another speeding ticket. Extra speed enforcement now on MN roads.

Under state law, drivers face losing their license for 6 months or more if they're caught traveling at more than 100 mph. Risky business.

Extra law enforcement is on roads this July for a crack down on speeding. 2018 saw one of the deadliest years for speeding incidents since 2008 in Minnesota, and the goal for the crack down is to keep everyone safe.