ST. CLOUD -- Building self-esteem can be a difficult challenge, especially for young girls.

An event designed to help young women build their self-esteem was held this (Tuesday) evening at the Doctors Park Mental Health Center.

Three Time WNBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Linsday Whalen was the evenings keynote speaker. She says her goal is to continue to inspire young boys and girls to achieve theirs.

"I feel like to still be able to play sports, hopefully it inspires a lot of young girls and boys to continue to see different heights they can reach as well," says Whalen.

Around 30 middle-school girls and adults were in attendance hanging on to every word.

Mental Health Practitioner Luke Szczech says there are many issues facing our youth and the event is about showing them anything is possible.

"Being able to hit the young women in this area with empowerment at this time is something that will not only benefit them now, but when they start pursuing careers and future goals," says Szczech.

Whalen says it takes leaders to step up and make a change and if you want to be successful you need to put the time in.