Staff at Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School went above and beyond to make a version of prom happen for students this year.

The community rallied around the Junior and Senior class to create gift bags for each student in lieu of them being able to attend an actual prom this year. The staff created the gift bags and dressed to the nines to hand them out curbside to students.

The gift bags consisted of a blanket, gift cards to local restaurants, candy, and snacks. This was a very nice gesture from the prom committee, school staff, and community, truly showing how much they care about these students.

They may not have gotten to attend prom, but the staff gave them an event they won't soon forget. Check out the full photo album from the event here. 

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@hannah_middendorfso today was supposed to be our senior prom. our teachers dressed up, gave us care packages, and said goodbye❤️ ##smalltown ##senior ##prom ##fyp♬ always remember you - abbisutphen

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