SARTELL -- A proposed bill brought to the capital is raising concerned in the medical field.

A group of St. Cloud area doctors gathered at the Center for Diagnostic Imaging today (Tuesday) to discuss concerns they have regarding a proposed bill in the legislature.

Dr. Todd Cunningham is the Medical Director for the Center for Diagnostic Imaging. He says the legislature is being mislead.

"What's happening is the legislature is being pressured, proposed or led that anyone can do these types of procedures," says Cunningham.

The proposed change would allow nurses to practice interventional pain medicine -- spinal injections in the neck.

Dr. Sam Elghor is the founder of the Center for Pain Management in Sartell. He says this practice requires specialized training and one wrong move could be fatal.

"If the needle is too far in you can injure the spinal cord, if the needle is near a vessel you can actually damage the blood supply to the spinal cord," says Elghor.

Physician's across the state are opposed to this proposed change.

Cunningham says while nurses are important to what they do, they do not have the proper training needed for this type of medicine.

Physicians hope their arguments will be taken into consideration when legislation continues after Easter.

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Dr. Sam Elghor demonstrates the procedure of spinal injections. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)