UNDATED -- Local bakeries are getting a holiday dedicated to them. Thursday marks the first ever National Bakery Day.

The day is meant to highlight the importance of local bakeries within our community.

Lynn Schurman is the Co-Owner of the Cold Spring Bakery. She says the day got started because of a baker in White Bear Lake.

"So John Lupo from Grandma's Bakery is the one who approached the Retail Bakers of America with this idea and they've spent the last year developing it and getting recognition from a number of states and legislatures who have made this an official day."

Throughout the day area bakeries will be celebrating with unique events and special promotions.

Kim VanGilder is the Administrative Assistant at Mixin' It Up in Sauk Rapids. She says they are making it a three day event to celebrate the holiday and their one-year anniversary.

"We are doing buy one, get one cake donuts all day long. We are doing giveaways and prizes and we are featuring the different renters who make gluten free goods as they offer free samples of their products."

The Dutchmaid Bakery has been in the same location on the East St. Cloud for the last 60 years. Owner Jeff Muntifering says for small business like his, "Keeping Your Dough Local, is an important part of the fabric of the community.

"There is not a lot of bakeries around anymore, it is going more supermarket style of baking. But the support of the public is very important to keep small businesses going."

Muntifering says their glazed donuts have been the most popular item over the years.

National Bakery Day is expected to become an annual event.