ST. JOSEPH - For Central Minnesota artists the Millstream Art Festival has become an annual chance to expose people to some of the talented individuals in the area.

On Sunday festival goers found everything from metal working, water color, jewelers and wood workers at the event.

Amy Zapf of Zapf Legacy Canoes was one of many artists at the annual festival. Zapf is known for their incredible canoes, but she also makes other custom hand made wood pieces. She says wood working takes a lot of patience.

"This is definitely wood-working with an artistic approach to it. It's not something you can push out in weeks time. It can take a couple months to [make] one canoe."

The Sauk Rapids based wood working company has been crafting canoes for 50 years and is now on its third generation to be in the business. Zapf and her husband were even able to track down the original canoe crafted by Zapf Legacy Canoes, which now sits in their wood shop.

Zapf says that events like the Millstream Art Festival help artists like her and her husband be successful for generations to come.

"I think it's [important] to show people that there are good artisans in [Central Minnesota]. We just want them to see what we have to offer."

The arts festival also featured live music, food and a car show.

If you would like to learn more about Zapf Legacy Canoes and the custom art they make follow the link below.

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