ST. CLOUD -- The start of Granite City Days began today (Thursday) with the Lemonade Art Fair and Concert and thousands of treasures were on display.

Art can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors but for one artist art comes through faces.

Deb Murphy says after her husband Rick retired he was looking for a hobby.

"When he retired he bought a welder and didn't even turn it on for the first year, he just knew he wanted to learn how to weld and had someone teach him," says Murphy.

Rick has been welding sculptures for about five years and Murphy says what she thought was meant to be a hobby quickly became a passion.

"He will find a piece, looks at it and says this is a body, or this is a head, eyes and he just starts creating. Once he gets going he just doesn't stop," says Murphy.

He makes the sculptures using old antique pieces from snowmobiles, tractors or anything else he can find.  Murphy says he can spend hours, weeks, or months sculpting anything that comes to mind.

"He builds people, and he will get off that and start building dogs, so he kind of gets in a tangent," says Murphy.

Murphy says she loves to watch her husband work and be creative but what she loves more is watching the joy it brings him.


Creative welding sculptures highlight the Lemonade Art Fair. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)