ST. CLOUD -- As the weather warms and the sun shines, it can be hard not to get into our lawns and gardens. But, a U-of-M Extension Educator and Horticulturist says you can do real damage to your lawn if you start raking and de-thatching too soon.

Janelle Daberkow says if you walk on the grass and leave footprints it is too soon.  She says if you rake when it is too wet, you can pull the roots right out of the ground.  She says lawn tractors can pack down the soil and cause it to harden which would promote weed growth.

Daberkow also says it is too soon to put a crab grass preventer on your lawn. She says wait another week or two before applying the pre-emergent products.

If you have vole damage, just rake away the grass clippings to expose the bare area.  The voles eat the grass at the top soil level and usually don't damage the root system.

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