ST. CLOUD -- What has become a local holiday favorite returns to the stage next week. The musical comedy "Laughing All The Way" is now in its 10th season and will debut next Wednesday at the Pioneer Place on Fifth in downtown St. Cloud.

Writer and Director Dan Barth says they've been working on the show for several months.

We typically have our theme picked by February or March, and then we start brainstorming and the writing process in June, and then we do a read through and get everybody together at the end of August, then go into rehearsal on October 1st.

Barth says the plot this year has the crew heading down south.

The crew from KLAF which is the TV station that Laughing All The Way is usually set in decided that they are going to hit the road and do a little hurricane relief.  So, they take off for the deep south only to discover when they get there that there has been no hurricane.

Barth says the entire show is written and performed by all local actors, musicians, writers, and technical crew.

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