ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud street crews have been out trying to stay on top of potholes around town.

Steven Lawrence is the Assistant Public Works Director for the city of St. Cloud. He says they document problem areas and respond to calls from drivers who alert them to others.

Lawrence says their efforts seem to be paying dividends.  He says the pothole hotline hasn't been overly busy this spring and they are now using a "hot mix" to patch the holes.  The "hot mix" is a more permanent fix compared to the old product they were using.

The cold and snow have taken its toll on street sweeping, however.  Lawrence says they are about a month behind the street sweeping efforts compared to other years. He says they are out 24 hours a day to get caught up.

If you have a pothole to report you can call the pothole hotline during business hours at 650-2900.