COLLEGEVILLE --  Former Florida Governor and 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush held a news conference before being interviewed for the 11th annual Eugene J. McCarthy Lecture at St. John's University Thursday.

With education always being a top priority of the former governor's he says when he comes to college campuses he gets the chance to talk about policy, something that isn't always covered as much as politics.

"The cable news is about the politics of politics, who is winning, who is losing. It revolves around the president obviously, but there isn't a lot of formulation of discussion about policy, how to we get beyond where we are. On college campuses, at least in my experience people are anxious to learn about that [policy]."

During the conference Bush also talked about the importance of handling the United State's issue of growing student loan debt. Minnesota is currently ranked 5th highest for the average amount of student loan debt, with college graduates entering their professional fields about $32,000 in debt.

Bush says by providing the right resources for high school students to be able to make good decisions on which career field they should pursue is key to lowering the debt. But also reforming the federal student loan program. As Bush was running for president he introduced a plan, that he still stands by, that could help lower student loan debt.

"I proposed as a candidate the elimination of the student loan program and a version of a loan to be allowed, up to $50,000 depending on if it was post graduate or undergraduate. Where you pay it off as a percentage of income over the next 25 years. So if you don't get a job and you're languishing, you're not having the debt continue to grow."

His idea for education reform and many others Bush says are still on a small scale and it will take more discussion before changes can be made.

When it comes to his future endeavors, the former governor says he's not interested in running for president again, he's already had "the best job in the world."

"A job where you can take ideas and implement them and build consensus around them. And try to improve the chance of people to live life with purpose and meaning. I was the governor of the state of Florida, a very dynamic state, at a time when doing things was actually rewarded."

Bush currently serves as Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a national non-profit education reform organization. He is also the Chairman of Dock Square Capital LLC, a merchant bank based in Miami.

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