SPICER -- More invasive species are being reported in central Minnesota lakes.  The DNR says this time it's two Kandiyohi lakes that have been found to have invasive species.

Eurasian watermilfoil has been found in Games Lake near Sunburg and an adult zebra mussel has been discovered in Green Lake in Spicer.

A resident found a zebra mussel attached to a dock post in Green Lake, but was unable to find any others. Additional inspections found no additional zebra mussels, however the lake will be designated as infested with zebra mussels.

If no additional zebra mussels are found over the next five years, the DNR can revisit the designation and lift it if it chooses.

As a precaution, the DNR will list Lake Calhoun in Kandiyohi County as infested with zebra mussels because it is directly downstream from Green Lake.