Despite the pandemic and everything surrounding it, 2021 has been a good market for folks hoping to sell their home. With that being said, why hasn't the iconic Victorian home near the St. Cloud State University campus sold yet?

The home has been listed for almost six months, with the price set at $500,000. Is it the price? The neighborhood? I can't imagine it being because of the house itself, the place looks awesome.

When we wrote a story about the home hitting the market back in July, people were not short of opinions about the house on Facebook.

Satin W:

I used to live behind it in that Catholic Charities building and I Always thought that house looked super haunted.

Linda S.:

This photo makes the house look like a dream house. However it’s not would need a lot of repairs....

Haley A.:

YUCK  this house has been through the ringer with college students. That poor, poor house...

Kari A:

Beautiful home. Awful location.

The home features four bedrooms and three bathrooms in its 3,830 square feet of space. Built in 1904, the original owners were former St. Cloud mayor John Bensen and his wife Elizabeth Metzroth.

The couple had five children and wanted to build their dream home on the land they had inherited from Metzroth's father. The Queen Ann Victorian home was built in 1904, while Bensen was named the Mayor of St. Cloud the following year in 1905. The house was recently used as a bed and breakfast and has been on the market numerous times over the past few years.

St. Cloud's Iconic Victorian Home Hits the Market

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