I hated always asking the question, "Does this make me look fat?" because if you have to ask, usually the answer is yes. So, I went to my fashion source and found a way to not only dress for my body type, but to dress myself ten pounds thinner. 

Fancy Pants

Boot Cut Jeans have a nice flair at the bottom, which makes your body look longer and leaner. Dark jeans work best for this. Add a longer top in a lighter color to keep the interest on top and a cropped jacket that will pull the eye in at the waist. Long pants in navy and black that skim your shoes give the idea of a longer, leaner line. If you have a bigger bottom, pair with a white top. Keep the shoes dark so they don't seem to cut off the long line you're trying to create. If you're shorter or have short legs, a pointy toed shoe will also draw the eye out and make you look taller.

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Body Lengthening Clothes

Everything you buy should be body skimming. Bigger clothes don't make you look thinner. Think lightweight and vertical when you're looking for something to wear. This time of the year around here, tissue weight scarves, long, light colored cardigans and long necklaces give the illusion of a longer line without adding bulk.

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Dresses in a structured fabric hide imperfections perfectly. Criss-crossed detailing at the waist sucks you in around the middle. Look for pieces that have an hourglass shape to them. It should come in at the waist and slightly flair or drape out. If you hate your arms, pair the dress with a slightly fitted cute cropped cardigan sweater. This can be easy for fall and winter with a heavier cropped cardigan, tights and flat boots or wedge booties, but you can transition it into summer with bare legs and a pair of strappy flats.

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Accentuate Your Waist

Hear me out. A white tunic doesn't sound like something you'd wear to dress thinner, but it can be done. The narrowest part of your waist is right under your bust line, so place a belt in a contrasting color there (think red, brown, green, purple, etc.) and the further away from the floor you are, the thinner you'll look, so wear a platform shoe that's close to your own skin tone to give the appearance of long legs.

Lose That Number

Get the number and the size out of your head. Just because you wear one size sweater at Old Navy, don't just assume you're going to be the same over at Target. You could be an extra large or a double x. Same with jeans. Just because you're a 14 at one store, doesn't mean you're a 14 at all stores. You could be a 12 or a 16. Don't get hung up on it. Wear what fits.

Under the Covers

It's also important to wear properly fitting bras and panties. They can do wonders for what's over them. Don't just assume that because you were a 38C two years ago that you're always going to be a 38C. Same goes for stores and brands. Different bras fit differently. Get measured by a professional and wear what's comfortable. Wear a band size that's slightly snug. Not one that's cutting off your circulation, but slightly snug. The band should fall in the middle of your arm between your shoulder and your elbow. If you wear a band size that's too big, it rides up and makes the girls fall forward and look saggy. A cup size that's too small is going to cause the girls to pop out the top and it's unflattering. I understand wanting to give the appearance of cleavage, but just ask your lingerie fitter exactly what you want. If you want basic t-shirt bras, tell them. If you're looking for something that's going to make the twins look bigger, say so. And when you buy, buy in a few different colors and don't wear the same one two days in a row. That's going to stretch them out. Also buy a lingerie bag and wash them in the delicate cycle. If you wash them with regular clothes and on a normal cycle, the hooks are going to get caught on your garments. That's going to poke holes in your clothes and pull the hooks out of place. And, keep a pair of Spanx or two in your drawer. They're the sneakiest look slim trick of all!

Standing up straight not only makes you look thinner, it also gives you the appearance that you are a strong, confident woman. Also, always, always, ALWAYS REMEMBER; no matter what you look like or what size you are, you are wonderful and beautiful and don't let anyone ever tell you differently.