MARTY -- Members of the Holy Cross Church in Marty are still trying to come to terms with the news that their school will be closing at the end of this school year. St. Cloud Catholic Diocese Bishop Donald Kettler made the announcement over the weekend.

Trustee Al Haus says they had a meeting with the priest in February as were assured the school would stay open for at least one more year. He says during another meeting in March there was no mention of closure.

Haus says the community was working to increase enrollment and the school is well funded.

Our enrollment was increasing next year, and we are absolutely no burden financially to the Diocese.  We have plenty of money.  We have an endowment fund.  So we just still do not understand what the reason was for closing the school.

Haus says parish members held a meeting Tuesday night with their lawyers, but they learned that the Bishop and the Priest have the final say in the matter.

He says, as for the future of the school building, there is a parish council meeting on May 20th but he's not sure how much input the community will have.

He says the school has been the gathering place for the residents.

Anytime that school has ever needed money or anything volunteers have always come to help.

Haus says four teachers work at the school.

The Holy Cross school was founded in 1904.

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