ST. CLOUD -- After hitting the one thousand point mark her Sophmore year, Junior Lariah Washington wasn't done, she recently earned the mark of Apollo's all-time leading scorer on the basketball court.

After starting out in baseball as a kid, Washington shifted her competitive focus to basketball in 7th Grade. Since then, she's been at the top of her game.

When she thinks of the game, she says she actually wasn't feeling that great about her shooting, right up until she made the record-breaking basket.

"In the beginning of the game I wasn't really shooting as well as I wanted to, and it just looked open, and I saw I had 15, so let me just try it, and it went in and everyone stood up. It was a great experience."

Off the court, Washington stays as honed in with a pen and a pad of paper, as she is with a basketball in her hands.

"Well, I try to take AP classes... but not too many, because it can get overwhelming. So I try and take at least one or two, and we have practice. So either in-between or after I try and get all my homework done."

While a lot of her game is polished, she says the things she likes to work on skill-wise are defense, and getting her team involved. Her next goal, for her senior year, is 2,000 points.

She says her uncle has played a huge role in her basketball career. She says she'd like to continue basketball as long as she can, and will be visiting schools that will help with that this summer.

As for her future off-court plans, Washington has her eyes on becoming a physical therapist.

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