SARTELL -- As our daily lives continue changing in order to stem the spread of COVID-19, we here at WJON are highlighting the people and businesses going the extra mile to help others.

For Sartell resident Susan Norton, that help arrived when she least expected it.

The 65-year-old apartment-dwelling widow is considered high-risk due to several medical concerns and has been isolating for the better part of two weeks to prevent contracting COVID-19.

About a week and a half ago, Norton was surprised to hear a knock on her door. It was her neighbor, Missy Nelson, carrying several bags of groceries.

"I've known her for about three years, about as long as I've been in this building," Norton said. "She's downstairs. She has two jobs and a boyfriend who has kids. She's a very busy woman. And then I hear her knock on my door."

Norton says she was touched and surprised Nelson thought of her during such a "crazy time."

"I'm on quarantine, thanks to my immune system, which has been way compromised," Norton said. "And now everything is shut down. Plus, isolation just taxes your mental health. And then she knocks on my door."

"I asked, 'what do I owe you?' She said, 'nothing.' We're just neighbors, passing each other in the hallway, but it reinforced everything I know about her. She's a remarkable woman," she added.

Norton says she hopes telling her story inspires others to reach out and help their own neighbors.

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