LONG PRAIRIE -- In the early 1900s the Christie Home in Long Praire was a revolving door for patients, children and towns people. Since that time many of the home's former residents still lurk the halls.

In 1884 Dr. George Christie came to Long Prairie and became the primary doctor in the area. Soon after, George had married Susan (West) Christie and they had four children together, George Jr., Robert, Edith and Donald.

Having four children meant the couple needed more space so they ended up building the current Christie home in 1901.

Over the years only the Christies have lived in the home. President of the Christie Home Historical Society, Lorna Hunter says the home was given to the city in the 1970s.

"The surviving brother which was Donald donated the house to the city of Long Prairie with the stipulation that it remain open as a museum."

Hunter also works with the International Paranormal Society, she says the team has investigated the home and the spirit of a maid often reveals herself to the group's psychic Adrian Lee.

Hunter says during Lee's first walk through the home he questioned the maid.

"He said, 'well what are you doing here?' and she said, 'well there's a group of people in the house and I came to keep an eye on the house and make sure everything is okay.' "

The maid was an often underappreciated resident of the home. Hunter says the maid told Lee she hated when Dr. Christie would tap his foot on the bell in the dining room.

The floor bell was used as a way to call on the maid if you needed anything, such as another portion of food during dinner or a drink refill. Hunter says only one member of the historical society knew during the investigation that the floor bell was taken out 30-years ago.

The maid and possibly other spirits often linger in the kitchen. The kitchen was once Dr. Christie's operating room. Hunter says he used the kitchen as if it were an ordinary surgery room.

"Operations were performed on this table up through 1917, on this exact table, in this spot, in the kitchen. So we've expected this area to be very active."

During investigations the International Paranormal Society has been able to reveal activity in the kitchen.

By setting up a fishing bobber on the operations table, a video camera and a K-2 electromagnetic energy reader, they have found evidence of possible spirits.

On a video recording you can see the bobber falling off the table without anyone in the room and the camera also struggles to focus as if something or someone is running in front of the lens.

Hunter says the kitchen isn't the only area of the house that has paranormal occurrences. The living room and attic have high levels of electromagnetic energy. If you head upstairs to the attic you'll find the ghost of Dr. George.

"Our investigator Heather was taking a photo of that coat [a coat hanging in the attic] and she caught of corner of this dresser [dresser next to the coat with a mirror] in that and Dr. George's reflection is looking back at us."

The picture shows a face in the mirror of the dresser that resembles Dr. George. Hunter says it's impossible for the face to be a reflection from a picture, as no pictures of the family are in the attic. She also says the family doesn't have any pictures of them that are in color.

The Christie Home does do regular tours during the summer and early fall.

The historical society is trying to get funding to put heat in the home this season so they can open the home for tours this winter. For tour information visit the Christie Home Historical Society website.

Christie Home (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)
Christie Home (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

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