Have you ever been sucked into those Facebook/Meta reel videos? They appear once you start scrolling social media and I find myself often getting stuck on the videos. One video I found shows a blue Ford Ranger with airbags popping straight up off the pavement and then driving off on three wheels. The video looks like it was shot in Minneapolis, based on the street signs, but what a rad truck!


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After scrolling through the comments on the video, it seems that the owner is a Minnesota guy who supplies kits for other owners of Ford Rangers.

I've seen trucks and cars with airbags before, but I've never seen a truck just stop at an intersection and jump up and drive off. I've only ever seen the 'jumping' done in parking lots during car shows.

Of course seeing a Ford Ranger, the older ones, not the new ones from Ford, is also a special feeling as a majority of the 'old' Rangers we see on the roads still were manufactured in Saint Paul and the old Ford Plant that has since been closed and torn down.

If you are into car videos, like the one that shows the Ranger jumping the same account that caught that video, has some more that show other cars whipping donuts in parking lots as other people film. 

The Ranger owner also has a social media page that lets you see more about the vehicle and some of the places the truck has been since it was built.

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