Inflation is affecting everyone these days, so finding a deal wherever you can is important.  The great thing about this low-cost grocery chain is that it also gets rave reviews from shoppers.

There are multiple fan pages dedicated to the grocery store.  Plus, people are often posting about how much they bought there, or fun finds that only this store has.  I'm talking about Aldi and this is one of those posts that shows a believer in the low prices there.

A new Aldi location in Sartell just opened this past November and there's another in Waite Park.  You can see all of the Minnesota locations HERE.

Aldi Store In Maryland
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If you've never been to an Aldi there are some tips that could help you on your first trip there.  The biggest one might be how to get your cart.

Bring a quarter for the cart: Aldi does not pay extra staff to collect the carts and bring them back to the corral.  Instead you put in a quarter deposit to get your cart out, then when you return the cart to the corral you get your quarter back.  I knew nothing about this on my first visit and was super confused.

German Grocery Chain Aldi To Invest $3.4 Billion Into U.S. Stores
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Check out my previous article for five tips that may help you.  Delish named the Top 6 low-cost grocery stores with Aldi at the top.  The Aldi chain was founded by brothers Karl & Theo Albrecht when they took over their mothers store in Germany.  They also created Trader Joe's which was also named in the Top 6 low-cost grocery stores.

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