ST. JOSEPH -- If you're excited for Bad Habit to open their new location, you may want the federal government to end the shutdown sooner, rather than later.

While the feds are shutdown Bad Habit can't move into its new location on College Avenue, because of some paperwork. Owner Aaron Rieland says their license needs the address amended for their new location.

"Our brewer's license is held through the TTB, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, so in order for us to move locations, we have to amend the license and change the address. I submitted that back in December, then a few days later everything shutdown."

Rieland says construction is going well and should be wrapped up soon, at which point they'll just need their new license.

"Construction will be wrapped up here in around three weeks. So right now we're getting the building done and ready to go, then we'll just be waiting for the license to come through."

Now, fans of Bad Habit don't need to worry, they'll be operating business as usual at their current location, and Rieland says he's not worried about the federal delay.

Bad Habit started negotiating with the city over their old city hall back in April. The old city hall has been vacant since the city moved into their new facilities in February of 2017. The brewery's new space will be a large upgrade size-wise over their current one. They'll be going from around 1,800 square feet to just under 8,000.

The federal government is currently shutdown because of a fight between the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and President Donald Trump over funding for a wall on the United States/Mexico border.

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