ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Frozen In Time" series we followed our nose to the Dutch Maid Bakery in St. Cloud.

Robert Muntifering opened the bakery at its St. Cloud location in 1959. He decided to open his own shop after World War Two when he got out of the service.

Muntifering worked as a baker for The Model Bakery for many years which was owned by his father. Muntifering passed away in 2001 leaving the bakery to his son Jeff.

Jeff is a second generation owner of the Dutch Maid Bakery and third generation baker. He uses the same equipment including the oven that was put in place when the bakery first opened in the 1950s.

In fact, the recipes have remained unchanged over the years.

Jeff says many of his customers have been coming to the shop since it opened and their orders haven't changed, "you might think someone would get tired of that but it's just not the case. I think it goes along with the coffee, so they don't get tired of coffee either." He adds, "it has to be the same roll."

Jeff says he goes through about two tons of flour on a busy week. He says he likes getting to know his customers and making treats for them to enjoy.

Jeff says his family isn't Dutch but his father liked the name, Dutch Oven. When Muntifering opened the bakery he realized that name had been taken. He decided to call the shop Dutch Maid Bakery instead.

Today, Jeff operates the bakery with his fiance and says he hopes the tradition will continue when he retires.

See a video of the Dutch Maid Bakery below.

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