Frozen in Time Series

ST. CLOUD - Since 1964, The House of Pizza has been a food staple in the downtown St. Cloud area.

Brandon Testa is the owner of the restaurant and says the business started when his father moved to the area from Chicago, and saw an opportunity for a successful pizza business.

"He came through town on a Sunday afternoon and there was one other pizza place in town where the Wells Fargo building is now-and realized that maybe St. Cloud would be a good opportunity," Testa says.

Another historical piece to the restaurant is the unique revolving Faulds pizza oven, which was brought to the building when it started in the 60’s.

It's an old Faulds Oven from the southside of Chicago, it was built in 1952-was brought up here and put into the location in 1964," Testa says.

Testa says the House of Pizza remains successful because of its dedication to the traditional craft of making pizza.

"The process is still the same, we're still getting a lot of our product from the same vendors that we have since day one," Testa says.

The House of Pizza recently expanded and opened another location in Sartell. Testa says he looks forward to the future of the business.

"I don't foresee it going anywhere-the House of Pizza and downtown is sort of like a marriage that will never end," Testa says.

For more on the House of Pizza, visit their website. 


Dan DeBaun, WJON News