ST. CLOUD -- About a year ago the city of St. Cloud dismantled an old log building next the Stearns History Museum to make way for the new Costco Wholesale store.

At the time Mayor Dave Kleis said the city planned to save the logs and rebuild it in a new location. So whatever happened with that?

Kleis says, with the help of local historian Bill Morgan, they salvaged as much of the original wood as possible and it has been stored in a shelter since then. However, some of the non-historical pieces will be replaced.

We've even had a state preservationist look at it.  It wasn't really historical.  It has been moved so many times.  We can't be 100 percent certain it is the original wood from 1855.  But it has been reassembled several times.

Kleis says he is hoping local companies will come forward to donate supplies, and then he wants students at St. Cloud Tech high school and the St. Cloud Technical and Community College to help rebuild it as close to the original style as possible. It will most likely be placed in a city park like Butler Park or Riverside Park.

Kleis says the goal is to have it up and being used again by next summer.

The building is known as the "Rosenberger House" and dates back to 1855, making it one of the first buildings built in St. Cloud. It had previously been in Riverside Park before getting moved to Heritage Park in 1985.

Before it was dismantled it had been locked up and hadn't been used in several years.