FOLEY -- A Foley housing development has received final approval to better accommodate housing on some vacant lots.

Kampa Meadows has been looking to convert its 6 twin home lots into 3 single family lots to make the area more marketable.

During tonight’s (Tuesday) city council meeting the board unanimously approved the PUD and development agreement for the site.

Last month, residents were informed on the development improvements that will be taking place, which caused some concerns among neighbors.

Residents were concerned how the repairs would affect the sidewalks in the area.

The development project would include storm water and street repair at Kampa Meadows and for sewer water utilities and road improvements along 4th Avenue south.

With the PUD approval Kampa Meadows can now begin to construct the housing on the lots and start the development projects.

City Administrator Robert Barbian says both development projects would total over $800,000 and construction could begin later this spring or early summer.