AVON - An iconic Avon supper club is reopening, after sitting idle for the past three years. Cousins Jacob Voss and Cory Voss have announced today (Saturday) they've bought Fisher's Club, and plan to reopen it by the end of the month. Both of them used to work at Fisher's and have a connection to the place. Cory Voss was born and raised in Avon. Jacob Voss is from Upsala.

Jacob Voss says the building itself won't change much from what people know and love.  However, they are making a big change in liquor sales...

We are going to be moving from a bottle club, that was a tough decision, we are going to be moving towards a full liquor license. That's going to be a new change for us, one of the biggest changes. Menu wise, we're really going to focus on the walleye, something Fisher's Club was well known for and famous for.

Voss says there's other things that won't change though.

Definitely the red wall paper, although it's getting a little old, we want to make sure that can be a staple and create a unique atmosphere. What's also going to stay the same is definitely the fun atmosphere.

Jake Voss says you'll also notice one other big change.

We're going to do full heating and air conditioning. So that's a new change too, we're getting air everybody. We'll see how the place heats up. Some places we don't know if they're insulated or not, but we'll find out.

Voss says they're in the process of hiring staff right now. It will still be a seasonal restaurant, but they're adding heating and air conditioning so they can stay opening through December. The new Fisher's Club will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, with a tentative opening time of 4:00 p.m. each day.

The iconic restaurant has been a part of the northeast shore of Middle Spunk Lake for over 80 years, but its been closed since 2012.

Fisher's Club, photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice