COLLEGEVILLE -- With the temperature sitting at 65 degrees, families enjoyed a three-mile loop trail through the woods for Saint John University's annual Collegeville Colors.

However, this was no ordinary walk in the woods, each corner had surprises such as a kid's scavenger hunt, folk and classical musicians performing, painting and a lot more to keep families entertained.

Families exploring different activities table. Rebecca David, WJON.

Sara Orth, of St. Cloud, says even long before she had her kids. She always came out with friends to explore the trail and take a hike to the chapel. So she is happy to share the experience with her children.

" As a teenager, a friend of mine and I would come out and take a nice three-mile hike to the chapel and now the kids love it. They love playing with the leaves and have a bag full that they are taking home"

But, Orth isn't the only one that has been a long time lover of the event. Musician Cathie English has been playing her guitar at the event for five years. She says she loves to see people stop and listen to her. 

"When they stop and listen it means maybe you are connecting with them a little bit, or they are feeling a little something. It's always a great complement"

It's the experiences like English and Orth's that give the university a reason to continue holding the event. Kyle Rauch is the Assistant Director of Environmental Education. He says the event is always their biggest fall event and it makes them happy to see families enjoying themselves.

"It makes me happy, it's our goal to give families fun outdoor experiences. This is something they can do at their own pace and along the way, they will find all kinds of surprises"