ST. CLOUD -- Lake George has been the setting for the Celebration of Fatherhood for over 20 years.

The event is held each year on the Saturday before Father's Day and features numerous games and activities for kids and dads to enjoy.

"We're having fun, it's a good time," says Sunil Chetty, who brought his two kids out. "There [are] a lot of cool events for kids here -- I'm always looking for good things to do for these two [kids]."

Event coordinator Tom Schnabel has been involved for the last 14 years. He says the purpose is to celebrate fathers and families.

"I just love to see all the families coming out, enjoying the park and enjoying the day," Schnabel says.

Schnabel, who has two sons, says it's also a good time to spend with them.

"It's fun just to get out here with my two boys, and my older son [helped] to get some of the activities put together."

"I love to spend time with my kids," Schnabel says. "That's what [Father's Day] means to me -- I have time to stop and remember that it's all about them."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON