UNDATED -- The warm dry weather this week is just what the farmers ordered. The snow and cold we had in late October forced many farmers to put a pause on finishing up their fieldwork.

Nathan Drewitz is an Extension Educator for the University of Minnesota. He says fields with more sandy soil they should be ready to go already today, with the rest of the fields ready soon.

Some of those heavier clay areas I think will be ready to go here towards the end of the week.  The biggest thing here is the last couple of days we had pretty good temps that melted a lot of snow plus some wind, and then yesterday and today have been just beautiful days so far, so I think this we'll see a lot of combines out on the road trying to get the remaining corn and beans out of the field.

Drewitz says 90 percent of corn and soybeans have already been harvested. He says he's hearing average to above-average yields.

Drewitz says there isn't a whole lot of grain storage this fall with farmers choosing to sell their grain right out of the fields, which he calls a good thing.

Some of the fieldwork yet to be done includes some fall tillage and manure applications if the soil temperatures stay below 50 degrees.

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