SAUK RAPIDS -- Even though Spring has finally sprung, gardeners are itching for the ground to thaw to get some planting done.

However, Fairview Gardens in Sauk Rapids is giving those with a green thumb a head start.

Christopher Day is one of the managers and says their planting parties have always been a hit.

"They're very excited to get here. The planting parties have been quite large this year, our morning class has about 25 people."

The class provides a variety of tips and secrets to help get the most out of your plants.

"We explain to them what plants work great together, what plants are not good together, help show them how to trim their plant so it looks full."

And you don't have to plant your flowers once your done. The folks at Fairview Gardens will keep tending to them in the greenhouse through the end of May.

"The customers get real excited when they pick up their pots, because their flowers have doubled or tripled in size."

Fairview Gardens offers planting parties every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. through the month of April. If you can't make it Saturday they do offer open planting during the week.

If you want to attend a planting party you're asked to call the store at 320-229-2281.